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The Forgotten Homework Adventure

April 17, 2008
By Anonymous

“Ok, pull out yesterday’s homework,” Ms. Rock calls out as I realize something.

I didn’t have the homework. Oh. My. God. My parent’s are going to kill me. Ms. Rock is going to kill me! I began to rummage through my bag as Ms. Rock walks over.

“Where’s your homework?” she asks as she looks at me in disappointment.

“Uh, well, um,” I mumble, “I forgot it at, uh, home. Yeah, that’s it”

The next thing I know, Ms. Rock picks me up and throws me into the sky! I find myself soaring through the universe, and then PLOP! I land on an unknown planet. I think…

Right after I landed a note comes flying down from the sky:

'There’s a shuttle with oxygen tanks right up and over the crater. The air is extremely poisonous here! I suggest that you run. You only have four minutes!!!



Ms. Rock'

Are you kidding me?!?

I begin to sprint towards where Ms. Rock described. I look around. Where is the shuttle? I can feel the strain from not breathing choking my lungs. I run farther, and then trip on something. The strain is getting harder! I get up to look at what I tripped on. It was metal and said “NASA” all over it! I quickly open the door and jump inside. As I close the door, I took a deep breath. Ah, thank god it was over.

Suddenly a video monitor is staring me straight in the face! It turns on with a blink and Ms. Rock is staring right at me. “Congrats on making it on time. Too bad I didn’t tell you that there is plenty of oxygen and the air isn’t poisonous. Oh well, my mistake!” she adds with a laugh, “And as you probably haven’t noticed yet, there is no water or food anywhere in this shuttle. It is up to you to find it. Good luck!” and BAM the monitor went off.

What was I going to do? I’m stuck on some unknown planet JUST because I forgot my homework. Ugh. As my stomach starts to rumble, I remember that I didn’t eat breakfast. Again. Well, what was that Ms. Rock said? Hmm. I wish I had my science binder with me! I think she said we can go weeks on end without food. Yeah, that’s it. And I think she said we can only go three days without water. So I believe that I should go looking for water first. Yeah, that would be smart.

So I quickly take a look around the shuttle, and, just like she said, there was no food or water. So I open up the door to the shuttle, climb the ladder, and thrust myself out of the shuttle. I look around, figuring where to go first. I see something moving right of me, and I think, living things need water, let’s go that way! I begin to walk in that direction.

Four hours later I’m parched. It’s SUPER hot on this planet. I swear, it must be over 100 degrees. I started heading back to the shuttle about an hour ago, but I just can’t seem to find it. This is not working out for me. I sit down next to a large rock, trying so very hard to get into the shade. I start feeling more and more dizzy. Ugh, I don’t feel so good. I get back up, knowing that I have to find the air conditioned shuttle before I start suffering from heat stroke. I start walking and just fall onto the hard dirt. It didn’t even hurt I was so out of it. I crawl and crawl, reaching out for the shuttle. I can’t even see straight anymore.

As I crawl forward and forward, something cool touches my hand. I try hard to concentrate. I can see well enough to figure out what it was, it was WATER! I start drinking it, as though my life depended on it. It was so amazing, water never tasted so good. After about a half an hour of laying in the water, I can see straight again. I bottled up a bunch of the water and attempted to walk back to the shuttle, wherever it was

I soon found the shuttle, and found myself face to face with Ms. Rock on the video monitor.

“Just to let you know, Dana, this planet’s gravity doesn’t always...” and the reception is cut off.

This planet’s gravity doesn’t always, WHAT? The ground suddenly begins to shake and I lift up into the air. What happened to the gravity?!? I’m floating in the air, and boy does it give you the butterflies. What if the gravity on this planet changes uncontrollably? Suddenly, I’m thrust back to the floor and feel as though I weigh 600 pounds. What is wrong with this planet? The gravity’s going insano! Another ground shaking experience and I’m back in the air again. I quickly run into the control room of the shuttle and hit the button that says, “Emergency Take-off/Landing” I quickly buckle myself into a seat and prepare for the ships ascent into space.

I made it up into space just find, and I actually found some magazines to keep me occupied. I realized after about a day or so that it would probably take months to get back to earth. My days seemed to get longer and longer. The time passed so slow. After about a week or so, I swear I though I went crazy. But I didn’t. I was also very hungry during this time. After about three or four days, I couldn’t focus enough to read the magazines. I knew I’d have to find food soon.

Then one day, something happened. I suddenly heard a loud beeping noise and lots of red lights began to flash! A video monitor popped up, again with the face of Ms. Rock staring at me. “DANA! You need to override the system and pilot the shuttle yourself. You are being sucked in by a sun’s gravitational forces. Also, put down as many blinds as you can on the windows. The UV rays could kill you they are so strong!”

And with that she was gone. I quickly looked out the window and saw the big ball of flames! I shut all the shades I could, and went right into the control room. I overrode the system, and began to fly the shuttle myself, knowing that if I mess up, I could die. I swerved, trying to get out of the gravitational pull. It was hard, I was being jerked every which way. Suddenly, the forces seemed to go, and I survived! I actually made it! I put the shuttle back on auto pilot, and went to go get a drink.

About a week after that incident, I realized that I needed to get food before I died of starvation. I hoped that I would return to Earth soon, so that I could have some food. My stomach had been empty for so long. Then I heard the beeping again, just like I had when we were getting sucked in by the gravitational pull. Except this time I also heard a computer voice saying, “We are landing soon, please buckle your seatbelts and prepare for landing.”

Had I really made it back to Earth? I promptly buckeled myself back into the seat, and glanced out the window. There was Earth. I soon was flying back into Earth. The landing was crazy intense, I though I was going to throw up! I landed out in the middle of a field. I soon saw Ms. Rock running toward me.

“So, you made it, eh?” she asked.

“I guess I did.” I respond, eagerly looking around to see if she had any food with her.

“Are you going to do your homework from now on?”

“Yes mame, now can I have that power bar you have in your pocket?” I ask as though my life depended on it.

Ms. Rock chuckles and hands me the power bar.

That was the best thing I ever ate. Ever. Probably because I hadn’t eaten in two weeks, but whatever. It was good.

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Very creative! :)

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