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March 6, 2010
By Jess95 GOLD, Morgan Hill, California
Jess95 GOLD, Morgan Hill, California
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(Isaiah 41:10 ESV)

It was March 16, and I was starting a new school in a new town. We moved from Brooklyn, New York to Seattle, Washington. I hated this, I hated having to move from a place I loved to a place were I knew no one, and at this moment didn’t want to know anyone. I hadn’t spoken to my mother since we left Brooklyn. I was mad at her for making me come here. She wanted to move here for no good reason except just to move here. “It’s time for a change of scenery,” were the words she fed me. I knew she was lying though, trying to spare me and my sister. I knew it wasn’t the scenery she wanted to get away from, but the mysterious bruises that would appear on her body, the muffled screams in the middle of the night, the flinches she would make when voices were raised, or even hands. She wanted to get away from the fear and the pain. She wanted to get away from him. My father.

So hear we were in a new place, trying to start a new life that wasn’t welcome. My mother bought a three bedroom house before we moved here, and I was left thanking god that I didn’t have to be bunked in a room with my baby sister Sarah. I love her but come on, sleeping with a little girl in her terrible fours, crying for mommy ever second is a little hard on someone’s beauty sleep.

We arrived at the house last night, and silently, on my part anyway, unpacked most of our things. I got the smallest room. The house was a two story, with every small room known to man evadible. I believe it is the smallest house in the world, and now that I mention it I could have sworn I saw it in the Greatest Book of World Records titled Bigger then your Closet but Smaller then your Living Room. It had a combined living room and Kitchen on the first floor, and one bathroom, and three rooms on the second. The house felt crowded and I had this eerie feeling that someone was watching me. My room had a closet that I could put at least, if I was lucky, a couple outfits in, and my windows were so small they could be compared to peep holes. One window was facing the side of the house, wile the other the front. The floors were wood as the walls were just white. I’ll tell you this room was as interesting as a conversation with a rock, witch I guess isn’t to far of a description of me.

Once I got my room together and every thing unpacked, I lied down so exhausted it would have taken only minuets before I passed out, on any other night. Tonight I could only lie there letting my mined wonder. I thought about my one and only best friend, Jeremy. He was a one-of-a-kind nerd who was crazy enough to put up with me, moodiness and all. I thought about my jack a** of a father- father not dad, because calling him dad would mean he actually meant something to me. He was a man who only took and if he did give, it was only violence and criticism. The only thing I ever took from that man was his last name, which I wasn’t proud to proclaim. I thought about when I would start talking to my mom again, if I was ever going to get use to the new scenery change as my mom put it, but mostly I thought about tomorrow.

I opened my eye to the gray kind of brightness that came shining through my window. I looked over at my frogy alarm clock standing on my bed side table. I had two hours till I had to be at my stupid new school. So I did what every good little girl would do. I pulled the covers over my head and bared my self deeply in my bed never wanting to surface; thinking even about playing hooky, but it was my first day so I might as well get the miserable thing over with. I reluctantly got out of my so comfortable sheets, and in to the too cold air. I mean gosh were are we, Antarctica, its called a heater. Oh, wait were not using the heater in the morning only at night when were home cus’ Mom wants us to save electricity for the environment. Well you know what I have to say about that, screw the damn environment, my a** is freezing. But what ever. So I just went over to my closet, if it could even be called that, and pulled out some jeans and a shirt. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, then glanced in the mirror to distinguish how much damage the night brought to my features. My dark brown hair was noted in several places, and my sea blue eyes looked sleep deprived. I brushed my tangled hair, washed my pale face, and put eye liner on to make my eyes stand out more, and then went down stairs to eat breakfast. My mom had already left with Sarah. Sarah was going to go to pre-school while my mom was at work and I was at school. My mother worked as a nurse in Brooklyn so she just got transferred here. But what I still don’t get is why we even had to leave, I mean I know why we left my father, but why everything else? I mean we didn’t just leave our home, but we left our life. I glanced at the clock. I had forty five minuets left but decided to head out any way.

I pulled up in one of my two vehicles, my classic 1969 yellow camero with black racing stripes. I loved this car, I couldn’t ask for anything better. He is my pride and joy, and the best part of my day. And yes my cars a boy and he even has a name, Writer. I parked Writer in the school parking lot and went to the office to get my schedule.

I had seven classes, science, English, art, trigonometry, history, choir, and Spanish. Just thinking about all those classes was depressing, so, the only thing I could do to avoid my depression was to skip, but today is my first day of school so might as well be a good girl and attend all my classes.

Well s***, it was only me second class and I was already late. I walked the empty halls with my map to my nose, trying to find were the hell B-5 was.

“ You lost?” I looked up from my map to see a tall-if you could call, I don’t know maybe about 5’9, tall- hansom guy with brown short hair, caramel eyes that you wanted to look into forever and a smile so warm and inviting you couldn’t help but smile too. His shoulders were broad with muscle flaring all the way down his arms. He looked like a guy who could whip yours, mine, and the next guy’s a** in any sport. Despite his buff intimidating self, I couldn’t help the feeling of wanting to give him a big old hug, like he was a teddy bear you just wanted to squeeze.


“I haven’t seen you around before. You new?” He asked like he really was interested, not like those people who ask you things they don’t really care about, but just want to fill in the awkward silence.

“Yeah, I just moved here from Brooklyn. And so far not really loving it.”

He smiled at me, with a warm mischievous twinkle in he’s eyes, and it reminded me of the way Jeremy use to look at me when ever he was teasing me.

A moment of sadness washed over me. Would I ever see hem again? Yeah I would call him, but would that be enough. We’d been friends since pre-school. I remembered that day like it was only yesterday I got in trouble for getting into a fight with this short four year old who was picking on this small, innocent boy who looked so fragile to me. I remembered how I was the only one who stuck up for him, I told the four year old bully to back off or I was going to unleash my wrath and beat his portly body to the ground.

“What did you say to me” the four year old said in a threatening voice.
And standing behind me, I felt a rush of bravery that wasn’t mine, that was coming from the frail looking boy as he said, “She said if you don’t back off she, she was going to beat your fat but up”

“What did you say to me nerd boy”

He shrank his small little body behind me. “Sorry” he said, as if he had anything to be sorry for. And then I remembered how I couldn’t control my anger anymore, I jumped on the fat little boy and started hitting his face with my tinny fists. I remembered after that day how Jeremy would never leave my side, and how we got to know one another. We became best friends. You wouldn’t hear my name without hearing his, and vise versa. And it wasn’t the first time that I defended his honor, and shockingly, considering how much of a chicken he was, he has defended my honor too, of course he got beat up for it, and then the punks who thought they could mess with him with out answering to me were sadly mistaken. Me and him were a team, and this was the longest we’ve ever been apart, we’ve never even been in a fight before.

I came back to reality. Knowing I’d been in my own world for just a couple of seconds but feeling like a couple of hours.

“Well,” he started, “maybe you haven’t found the right people to be happy with.”

I looked at him in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“What class do you have right now?”

“What?” I didn’t miss how he ignored my question. “Um, B-5”

“Ah, English. Not only my favorite class, but my next one. Come on, I’ll walk you.”

I looked at him realizing we had just been standing in the hall through our banter. “Uh, thanks.”

We started walking in the direction I had come. I looked at him, still wanting the answer to my question. As I looked at him, I realized he had this sort of inhuman beauty, and he looked like he knew more secrets then a man who lived a full life. He looked mysterious, and maybe even dangerous, but he had this soft kindness to him. Which totally didn’t make since, I mean how could someone dangerous be kind and gentle?

He noticed me staring. “What?”

I looked away from him feeling the blood pool into my cheeks for getting caught staring. I focusing on the hall ahead of us. The white walls were lined with projects and posters for school clubs and events. The closed doors to the class room‘s were panted green, and in white was the hall letter and room number. There were five halls, A, B, C, D, and E. We were leaving hall A and were heading out into the quad. I took a sideways glance at the boy walking beside me, and the icy air that was biting at my face- thank god I remembered to put on my winter jacket- seemed to have no effect on him.

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Khookie said...
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Not as Good as Airabella but still very good...I know your gonna do great things!