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The Bird of Fire

May 6, 2008
By Anonymous

It all started when I was on a hike up the canyon with myself just for fun, when I heard a bird start to sing. I did not know what it was, I never heard it before, so I went to investigate. I saw a really old looking bird that was red and gold in color. It was sitting in nests that smelt like cinnamon and bark then just as I was about to take a picture of it with my camera it burst into fire, instantly I knew that it was a Phoenix.
But I was able to get a picture right; as it was a great ball of fire, I also noticed a small pile of ashes in the nest and a little head poked out of the ashes. So I took it home and thought on my way down the road how could I explain this to my parents, what if they did not want it and called the police or something. I could not take that chance so I went out and put it in my underground fort and gave it a warm blanket for the night.
The next day of school was the longest day of my life, wondering what was happing to it as I sat through math, my least favorite class. The bell rang and I went to my last class, which is Journalism with Mr. R. He told us that we had to write a narrative story about a mythical creature and it was due in about three weeks. So what did I do, duh procrastinate, well I did not want to work on it right away, so I went to look up phoenixes on google. Then I started to think hey; maybe I could use that for my story. So I stuck on that idea, and started to play a game to help make class go by faster. O thank heaven the five minute bell. Gage came around and told us to get off our computers so I did, hoping that I could wait for five minutes. Finally, I was starting to think that there was a problem with our school bell because it was taking so long.
The bus ride was not as long as I thought it would be. By just talking to my friends I was able to pass most of the time, but the thought of the bird was still in my mind. I looked out my window and there I saw it, the bird flying next to me, about fifty feet away from the bus. I heard my friend say, “Wow that is that cool bird”, he said. I saw out at lunch break, it seems to be following me; it sure is a weird bird he said. I said, “Josh, did you see that bird at lunch?” He said, “ Yes, that is what I just said to you, weren’t you listening to me?” Yes I mumbled, I spaced out there sorry. Josh exclaimed, “Wow your really acting weird today are you ok? “Yes.. I sighed, just tired from staying up late.” Okay that was a lie, I slept fine but I could not tell that to Josh. I got off at my bus stop and went running to my fort and dove in not listening to what Halie had to say. I was amazed to see that the bird was gone, I thought to myself where is it? Then it came out of nowhere and landed on my fort. Wow, how did it grow so fast! It was the size of an eagle and had a five-foot wingspan and long golden red feathers. It was so cool looking. I ran in to my house and made sure that no one was home and I called my mom asking what time she was getting home at. She said five thirty so I ran outside and to my surprise it was out on my front porch staring at my cats. I wonder if they thought it was a bird or not and then it looked at me and started to lick it lips. So I went to get it some water for it , I set the water down, and heard it stomach growl so I went back inside and got it a bunch of food ham, lettuce, bread and a couple of other things and brought it out to it and started to give it food. All the cats I could tell, wanted to eat some but kept their distance.

Then, I started to notice that it was starting to stink and I went up to the bird and it was defiantly the bird so I picked it up. It was surprisingly light for its size and man did it stink, it was like a mixture of horse manure and decaying meat. So I filled the bathtub and stuck it in. It did not seem to mind, I started to rub the soap on it and it started to eat the soap, but as soon as the soap was in its mouth it started to gag and spit it back out. Then I started to get shampoo and rub it all over its body it began to purr almost like a cat, after it was all clean I got out my Gerber knife and started to trim its toenails. They were hard as a rock but my knife was sharp and I got it done I looked at the clock it was five, so I went out into my fort and decided we need to keep it in a cleaner place. The bird looked at me as if it knew what I was thinking. I started to think about places in my house that only I went to. The upstairs would work fine, just as long as he was in the corner of the upstairs he would be perfectly hidden. When I got home, I ran up the stairs and found it asleep in the corner, I woke it up and it started to stretch a lot like a human. I went outside and let it fly for like an hour and gave it some more food then took it back inside. After I ate dinner I started to wonder what to do with him, I can’t keep him away from mom and dad forever they were going to find out about him eventually, so I came downstairs and said mom what if I had a phoenix as a pet and she said that there was no such thing. I said I know but what if I found one, she said just as long as you took care of it. I guess it would be okay. Mom I said, I found a phoenix and it is upstairs, she looked at me and said really? “Yes I exclaimed.” She looked at me and said okay, you can keep it. Thank you so much mom, I love you! He will not be a problem ever, I promise.

I think that should work as a narrative story I thought to my self…

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