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King of Queens

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

It’s easy being married, having jobs, and paying for a house, right?
Well, according to Doug and Kerry all of this may not be so easy. As they portray their life in king of Queens daily from 4:30pm- 6:30pm on TBS channel 139. King of Queens ranks far above the rest for three reasons: A believable and humorous storyline, excellent and down to earth main characters, and it relates to our everyday live.

Those who know Doug realize that he is very entertaining when he argues with Kerry. Doug is a goofy, light hearted guy who looks like a butter ball, and always wants to watch sports and eat. He has to be mad at Kerry because she will never leave him alone and is always nagging at him.

Doug and Kerry are supported by a great cast, Deacon is Doug’s best friend and he works with Doug at IPS. Doug hangs out along with his cousin Danny. And Kerry’s dad, Arthur lives with Doug and Kerry in their house in Queens. This is always starting trouble with Doug and always arguing with Doug along with Kerry.

The believable storyline of King of Queens allows many opportunities for laughter. Even through much of the show takes place in Doug’s and Kerry’s house.
There are many scenes where Doug’s job as an IPS delivery driver is displayed. After a long day as delivering packages he comes home and tries to watch sports on T.V. Kerry will not leave him alone.

King of Queens is definitely a show worth watching because it is filled with comedy and everyday life scenes. If you like to laugh you will be glad you watch King of Queens because it is filled with humor.

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