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Saved by the Bell

November 29, 2007
By Anonymous

“I love school, the only problem is that classes get in the way” said the famous Zach Morris off one of the most watched sitcoms of the 90’s. Saved by the bell is a teen comedy that takes place back when jukeboxes were used as radios. This teen comedy is about six friends that grow up together, going through problems teens today have to deal with such as love, hurt, divorce, financial problems, the meaning of friendship, graduation and so on. You can watch saved by the bell every Monday- Friday on CBS at 7:00am. Saved by the bell is an exciting teen related show because of its amazing cast, the actors ability’s to work off of each other well, and the way it deals with problems and solutions for teens appropriately.

At Bayside High School all sex friends represent a different stereotype which sends a message about being different and fitting in. There is Zachary 'Zack' Morris played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar as the prep, Kelly Kapowski played by Tiffani Thiessen as the beautiful one (Zach’s obsession) Albert Clifford 'A.C.' Slater played by Mario López as the kind- hearted jock, Samuel 'Screech' Powers played by Dustin Diamond as the geeky nerd, Jessica 'Jessie' Myrtle Spano played by Elizabeth Berkley as the smart, achieved one, and finally Lisa Turtle played by Lark Voorhies as the obsessive shopper, and girl who thinks she is better than everyone else. Even though all of this amazing crew is made up of different types of people they all work tighter well and send messages stating it is okay to be different.

The acting in this show is amazing also because of its crew, they seem so realistic and they can each act out their part perfect to were it will remind us of high school. Sure some of the schools arnt the exact same but it had the show has same idea. The crew is almost like family it seems in the show by showing natural sounding dialogue and commitment to acting. An example of some acting is in one episode Jessie and Slater were fighting about woman’s rights and how guys should be more respectful to them, well after all the ignoring each other and name calling the end up in the end together because of how much love they have for each other. Just like in the case of two teenage love birds now, nothing can keep them apart.

The shows common message is to live life to its fullest, make no regrets, and don’t run away from your problems. Just like in another episode I watched, when Zack and Kelley the most wonderful couple split up because Kelley was confused about loving someone else it tore Zack to pieces. Zack ran away from his problem by hiding out in his room to avoid seeing Kelley and her new boyfriend but when finally his friends convince him to get back out there and start dating again, he agrees. In the end he wins Kelley back with him charm and regretted being mean to her by ignoring the love of his life.

It is truly amazing how the crew can work together, be appropriate, and have awesome acting all in one show, Saved By The Bell is a great teen related show so the next time you have some extra time in the mornings before your bus comes or you go to work turn on the TV and see watch the show. I promise you’ll love it!

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neyat123 GOLD said...
on Aug. 19 2009 at 11:43 pm
neyat123 GOLD, Hawthorne, California
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Very nice article, I love "Saved By The Bell", but it got a little dull after they played it over and over again on "The N" for awhile.