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Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you like to laugh? Well I do if you do also you should really try out the show “Two and a Half Men”. The show takes place in a suburban U.S. beach house. In the show the charters are amazing the writing is close to perfect and there is a very good point of the show.

The actors in this show are excellent at playing their charters Charlie Sheen plays Charlie he is a musician that always has a new girl friend that comes over to their house. Allen is a divorced father and he is a chiropractor that lives with his brother Charlie. Jake is an ordinary 11 year old kid.

The writers of this show made an amazing crypt because the humor never ends. It is as if you are being tickled through out the whole show. Also the expressions on the actors faces are very believing.

In this show the plot is so catchy, Allen will go on a date to move on from his wife and every girl he goes with always has something wrong like a disorder or a drinking problem. Also in every show Charlie will have to watch Jake his nephew and Jake always gets him in to something that would get him in trouble with his brother.

I highly recommend this show to who ever wants to be tickled. Who doesn’t want to see actors that are extremely funny, crypts that have no end to the humor, and a plot to tie it all up.

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