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George Lopez

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

“Last time when I said we should go out for my mom’s birthday I meant so that she

couldn’t find us!”-George Lopez

How would you feel if you had to deal with your mean/crazy mom and your annoying family everyday? Well, that’s what George Lopez from the show “George Lopez” (Monday-Friday, at 10:00 & 10:30, Nick) has to deal with everyday. George Lopez is always having problems at work and at home. And his mom Benny does not make it any better. “George Lopez” is a great show because of the awesome characters, unbelievable acting, and its unique writing.
George Lopez can really make you crack-up! His really funny and his unusually big head makes him even funnier. In the show George Lopez lives in Los Angeles with his wife Angie (Constance Marie), his two kids Carmen (Masiela Lusha) and Max (Luis Armand Garcia), and his mom Benny (Belita Moreno). Angie is the prefect person for George. People can really relate to them because they have the same arguments and problems as any married couple. She always try to act like the prefect one in the house, but everyone knows that she’ not. Carmen and Max are two other people that brothers and sisters can relate to because they fight, argue, and say that they hate each other. Which is what any and brother and sister say or do. Like in one episode Max and Carmen were calling each other butt munch, butt weed, butt face. That why the characters in “George Lopez” are great for their parts!
“You know you got to quit making fun of people’s appearances, there’s not a hat in the world that would fit that head!”-Ernie

Along with the great characters there has to be unbelievable acting. This is exactly what the show “George Lopez” has. Two other standouts in this show would have to be Ernie (Valente Rodrigues) and Benny. Ernie is a well grown man who still acts like if his 12years-old and is also Gorges best friend. Ernie tries to act young and cool just so that he can get the ladies. Which, he doesn’t because he always acting childes. Like on one episode he dressed up like a skater kid so that this lady would go out with him but she shut the door on his face. On the other hand Benny acts like a mean mom who really doesn’t care about anything or anyone. She really good at acting like that, you really get the feeling that she doesn’t care about Gorge or that she doesn’t love him. Like on one episode Gorge was feeling bad and she was supposed to be making him feel better but instead she started to laugh at him.
With all this great acting there has to be unique writing. This show wouldn’t be half as funny if it weren’t for the dialogue/writing. Gorge is always making jokes in the worst situations, which makes those situations a lot funnier. Like on one episode Carmen wanted a lot of money. After the argument she had with Gorge she walked of and Gorge yelled out “Save that for Christmas morning when you unwrap your shampoo”…. HAHAH! For a man who has to deal with his family and mean mom it sure is funny.
Its humorous writing, down to earth characters, and great acting make “George Lopez” the best show ever! So today when you get home from school do your homework and everything else that you need to do. Ask your to Please let you stay up late to watch “Gorge Lopez.” You have to watch it; it is well worth your time! I promise that you will not regret watching “George Lopez” instead you will be happy that you toke the time to watch it.

“George how many times have I told you, make sure they’re dead before you put them in the bag?”-Benny

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