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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you feel like you have friends that are there for you no matter what? Well if you do then you can easily relate to the sitcom Friends. This show is about a group of six friends that are trying to get through life in New York City. At 11:00 P.M. every week night you can view this fun filled sitcom. “Friends” stands out from the pack because the storylines are unique, acting is very believable and the characters are unforgettable.
The storylines of friends keeps my interest by Chandler’s fake business trip and Monica’s “Fake boyfriend”. An interesting conflict was when Rachel found out that she was pregnant with Ross’s baby. The storylines of friends are also very appropriate for the kinds of characters that are portrayed in the sitcom. Another example of why the sitcom keeps my interest is because of the relationships between the friends. It is very entertaining to watch the arguments and the disagreements between the friends. However it is very interesting to watch the good parts of their friendships. It can influence one to want to be a better friend.
The acting on friends are believable because they have real life situations in the show that the actors make the writing very believable. The characters on “Friends” are fun to watch because they have many funny situations and interactions during the sitcom. While you are watching the actors make you feel as if it is their own life that you are viewing on the sitcom. The actors also make you feel that they are not acting while you are watching the sitcom.
The characters of “Friends” playoff each other well because they make one friend’s problem their own. For example if one friend is in trouble another friend is there to help. The characters also play off each other well because they build off one another when they are arguing with one another. For example when Monica and chandler argue how the movies are going to be arranged in their house they play off one another well during that argument. The characters also, make the acting believable. The characters grow and develop over time by learning to deal with one another and get used to one another. They also grow and develop deeper relationships with one another over time. The theme of “Friends” is to stick by your friends even when the going gets tough with them. In the long run it will help you because they will do the same for you, be there.
The show “Friends” draws viewers because of the interesting scenes, relatable acting and strong supporting cast. I think that the network would be wise to move the sitcom “Friends” to an earlier time such as 7 or 8 during the week time so many more people will be able to watch the sitcom at a more convenient time. I believe that the number of viewers will sky rocket if the time gets moved up to a more convient time of night. I also strongly recommend the sitcom “Friends” because It is a fun filled comedy and a warm hearted sitcom. It has every emotion that you can imagine in thirty minutes.

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