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The Office

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the doors of a dysfunctional corporate office of a paper company?
Well here’s your chance to find out tune into the office weekdays on Thursday day 9/8ct on NBC and find out.
unlike most sitcoms with long and monotone plots “The Office” has a simple but slap happy plot..
the show is about the boss and employees of the dunder-mifflin paper manufacturer who face everyday but all the same unusual situations. “The Office” is an outrageous show because the plot is so original , the acting is superb and the characters are very well developed.

The plot in the “The Office” reflects the average white collar work area and jargon. But instead they twist it and distorts it into something completely new and different, but at the same time it mixes well with the environment so everything looks natural but its still not right. Who wouldn’t find it funny but all the same distorted when Michael goes out into the woods to fend for himself and who would laugh when Dwight hides weapons everywhere in the work area, this is a sign of true talent.

Not only is the plot extraordinary, the acting compliment it like a fine wine.
The actors portray each character as if it is their actual personality. In each situation that occurs the facial and physical reactions the actors add to the dialogue it seems as if they are completely serious about it this catchs a viewers attention making the show even more funnier.

While the plot and the actors in “The Office” are very professional one of the shows greatest strengths are the characters. Each character is so stereotypical to the average white collar worker. In each episode you learn more about each character almost like your meeting a real person you find out their likes and dislikes and at the same time you watch each one develop and mature like watching some one grow this is great character development. On top of all this each character works with the actor , who else would play a better disturbed boss other than Steve Carell no one that’s who. This makes the overall appearance like and actual documentary.

Because of the amazing acting the strategic plot and of course lovable characters “The Office” is by far a sitcom for the record. Now stop reading this review and go turn on your TV and watch the office weekdays on Thursday at 9/8 ct on NBC.

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