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Lil' Wayne

January 4, 2009
By Anonymous

One of my favorite and well-known artists is Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne's real name is Dwayne Carter; his birthday is September 27, 1982. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA and his occupation is a musician. His sign is a Libra and when he was 16 he recorded his 1st single. Also at the age of 23, in 2005 Lil Wayne went onto becoming the president of the cash money label. In my opinion I think Lil Wayne is generous because after the hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, he raised money for the victims whose lives were ruined by the disaster.

Lil Wayne is a very nimble dancer because when he raps he moves around. He also ha black dreadlocks and he mostly wears red and also mostly wears skinny jeans. Also, he has a lot of tattoos on both arms. He also has scar on his face but I think he was he was born with it because he had those scars ever since he was a baby. I heard he had made an album called “tha carter, vol. 3.” I think he has the songs “Mr. Carter” and maybe “A milli” In his video “A milli” birdman gave him (Lil Wayne) a car and I think Lil Wayne said “thanks, dad” But , my all time favorite video of his is “A milli” because Lil Wayne is very full of energy. Also, in Lil Wayne's songs he kind of has an accent that makes him sound Jamaican.

In all I think Lil Wayne is very good rapper. I would recommend Lil Wayne songs to people who like rap and a little bit of hip hop. The music Lil Wayne creates kind of reminds me of Kanye West because they are both very active and they dedicate some of their emotions to their songs. But, they kind of change it up a bit so you can guess what they are feeling; it's like a game show. But you should buy one of his albums and listen to it and see what you like about it.

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