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   Madonna is probably best known for her enormously successful dance acts and smooth R&B beats, but her most recent CD, "Something to Remember," provides the listener with an entirely different auditory experience. This is a collection of Madonna's greatest ballads, which span her career. Instead of motivating you to dance, these songs evoke deep emotional responses. Madonna has assembled a finely tailored collection of some of her best songs.

The album is comprised of fourteen songs, including two versions of "I Want You," a song originally sung by the late Marvin Gaye. Two of the songs, "You'll See" and "One More Chance," are brand new. "You'll See" is the sequel to the popular "Take a Bow," also included on the album. Madonna ventures into new territory with the acoustic guitar-based "One More Chance."

Another sad song, the melodic "This Used to Be My Playground," reminds you of how fast time flies. This was played during the movie, A League of Their Own. Speaking of movies, "I'll Remember" was part of the With Honors soundtrack and has been on the radio recently.

"Something to Remember" is a fantastic compilation of Madonna's best ballads. Although they may not get your pulse pounding, they provide a pleasant contrast to dance tracks such as "Holiday," "Deeper and Deeper," and "Vogue." "Something to Remember" is an irresistible, emotional retrospective on Madonna's career. As any Madonna admirer can attest, Madonna has remained an ever-changing entity throughout her career, and this album is her first attempt to address her sadder personality; "Something to Remember ..." complements her other albums wonderfully

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