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The Boys Next Door (The Boys Next Door #1) by Jennifer Echols

March 5, 2015
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Everyone lives for summer. Beaches, sun, tanning, long nights, and of course no school. Summer is a time to be free, feel good about yourself, and find a cute boy to hang off of. Summer is a truly magical time of year. Yet no one lived more for summer than Lori. Lori lives for the days she cans wakeboard, swim, and hang out with her friends and (the best part) spend time with the very hot brothers that live next door.  If only they realize that she was in fact female.

Lori is in love with her next door neighbor the Vader.  The Vader’s have three sons; Cameron, Sean and Adam. Lori her brother (nicknames McGillicuddy) worked at the Vader’s marina each summer. Helping out in the shop, tending the boats, and in the afternoon Wakeboarding.  Lori only works there for one reason: Sean. Lori has been in love with Sean ever since her mother told her that they would fall in love. To young Lori this seemed silly, but with her mother passing, Lori took that as a right a way to go after Sean. Unfortunately, Sean will never look at Lori that way. Two years younger Lori has fought for the attention of Sean, only to get blown by and stuck with his baby brother Adam.  Lori and Adam became best friends and through the summer they were tight. Yet it was months before the summer started that Adam got a girlfriend. Lori was not jealous of Rachael at all, Adam was a great guy. Yet when Rachael broke it off with Adam for Sean, Lori would not have that.  Lori and Adam hatch a plan for them to be together in order to make Sean and Rachel jealous and break up. Only for Lori she does not realize that her best friend Adam isn't acting.

Jennifer Echols wrote a teenage girls nightmare. That they guy you like doesn’t like you, and using your best friend as bait turns out not to be a good idea. I know, shocker. This book was not the worst book, the plot was hideous, the writing was not bad, but Lori drama was just too unreal.  She was with Adam to get Sean, realize how much of a dick Sean is (no duh) and use Sean to get back at Adam. If only Cameron was not her brother’s age or Lori would be doing him to get back at both of them. Even her only female friend used her in the end. The whole drama with her mom choosing Sean to be her one was not a stretch, but unrealistic about how Lori took her words as law. Would her mother really want Lori with Sean, seeing how they are grown up? The best part is though this series has a sequel! Tie your boots, ladies as Lori gets down and dirty trying to seduce the Vaders boys.

The author's comments:

Not bad, but not good.

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