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7 Days at the Hot Corner by Terry Trueman

February 28, 2008
By Anonymous

In 7 Days at the Hot Corner by Terry Trueman, the main character has major drama in his life. Readers can really relate to Scott Latimer, because he has divorced parents who constantly upset him. He’s on his high school’s baseball team with a perfect record, and they’re headed for the state championship tournament. That has him all stressed out, but there’s more headed his way. He’s about to be pitched the most unlikely curveball of his life.

His best friend, Travis Adams, gets kicked out of his house and moves in with Scott and his dad, but Scott doesn’t know why Travis got kicked out. Then one day, Travis ‘detonates the bomb’—he’s gay. His parents had kicked him out because they didn’t want him to “influence his younger brother with his sexuality.”
Immediately upon obtaining this knowledge, Scott becomes paranoid that he might have AIDS. Travis had bled on him a few weeks ago when he had a bloody nose. Consequently, Scott goes to get an AIDS test.

This book is a humorous take on acceptance, the strength of friendship, and dealing with stress. There’s never a dull moment, and it had me laughing out loud! Readers will be highly entertained by all of the bizarre plot twists (including bullies, relationships, and many other typical high school problems). If you like Jerry Springer-type drama with mass quantities of humor mixed in, this book is definitely for you. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I thought it was a phenomenal book, and it’s a piece I’d enjoy reading several more times.

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