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November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

By: Graham Marks

In this action novel a lot goes on, and it grabs your attention quite fast. Full of Kidnapping, murders, and guns! There’s also a lot more just fighting to stay alive and find a way home with out having to repeat it all over again. Only, returning home can be putting him in just as much if, not more, danger.

This story is about a teenager named Cam who has very wealthy parents. Cam is kidnapped one day right in front of his house. He eventually gets away from his kidnappers and has to find a way home, and quick. His first choice was to get a ride on a train, and then his only choice was to get a ride in the back of a truck, with out the driver knowing. Cam becomes friends with these people and goes back to them for help more than once, and he eventually finds that his solution wasn’t really so hard to find after all.

Why do bad things happen to good people for no explained reason? That’s the major question this stories ask. Cam has one problem one right after another. Like being shot. “At the same time he heard the bark of the gun go off again, what felt like a red hot poker whacked his left upper arm. Christ… he’d been hit.” And being kidnapped is a pretty big problem all by itself.

This story is full of twists and turns. Almost too many. Because there’s one problem after another. There’s so many that much of the suspense is taken away, because a lot of things are unanswered. The author also switches between Cam and his parents sometimes making it seem like he is leaving some of what Cam does out. It leaves you clueless sometimes. And it’s like this all the way through the book. Eventually leaving Cam in just as bad of a situation as he was in the beginning. This book isn’t a completely sad and lonely story all the way through but it is at the end.

Number of words: 357

Rating: ***

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