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November 15, 2007
By Anonymous

By: James Herbert

Mr. Victor is a really hard working man. He is the Vice President of the Magma Corporation. He is a man with some special kind of power he has the power to know when something bad might happen to hem. He is an aged man that has no children or a wife so you can also say that he is a man that is alone. Felix Kline was contracted to be the personal bodyguard of Mr. Victor so Mr. Kline is a regular man that works as a bodyguard for a living. Cora is the secretary of Mr. Victor but she is also a good friend to him she is the person who encouraged him to hire the bodyguards if he did not feel comfortable or protected. Mr. Victor and Kline got to be good friends after a week of being together Mr. Victor would tell Felix all his worries and discomforts.

This book focuses really a lot on “how bad actions lead to a bad life.” Mr. Victor lives a bad life because of an action he did in the past that is coming back to haunt him. Mr. Victor is terrified of some people that are after him and they want to kill him.

On a regular morning Mr. Victor felt confident that his bodyguards were ready to go out into the city. When they were driving to the city and looked into the rear view mirror they noticed that a black car had been following them. Mr. Victor was so terrified that he ordered his bodyguards to lose the car and take him out into the Old countryside out in an old valley in a cottage that he owns and he said he was going to stay there to hide but what awakened them nobody knew.

This book brings up many but many emotions such as suspense the feeling that you get when you are scared and you don't know what is going to happen. Also you might get the feeling of being scared cause of what is happing to the people in the book who are getting killed one by one and nobody knows who it is. This book is a book that is much recommended to read it is enjoyable and will be very hard to put down once you start reading it.

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