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The Hour of Defiance

March 28, 2018
By kellymadeline26 BRONZE, Carbondale , Pennsylvania
kellymadeline26 BRONZE, Carbondale , Pennsylvania
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Hello, heartless shy old men
I`ve come to run from you again
It would appear that I was stealing
Left my prints as I was creeping
In the camera that hangs in front of the bed
Saw my head
Within the hour of defiance

In my dreams I thought of beads
To take them back is what I need
But how I will I get away
Maybe I`ll sail across the bay
But I passed the trap of the flash of the camera's light
Ohh what a fright
Caught me in the hour of defiance
In the faded night I saw
Flashing lights outside my door
I took one leap out into the front lawn
And ran around the town like a baby fawn
So I pulled off to the side
Cop behind
Reassures the hour of defiance

“Sir, said I, you must be wrong
I don't want to go lifelong
I was just taking back what was mine
Took my jewels and a bottle of wine”
But my words he did not seem to buy
Taken away in the hour of defiance

The Arbitrator knew I stole
To the court he told
And he wrote up my sentencing
It was three years I would be serving
And the court said this was their decision
Now I know not to do that again
In jail I will lay
Locked away because of my defiance

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