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Beautiful Rescue

June 11, 2014
By Joey-Dreamer SILVER, Sacramento, California
Joey-Dreamer SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

I’m tryin’ to find,
The better part of me.
It shouldn’t take much time,
How hard could it be?

I know what I’m not…
But what should I be?
Why is it so hard,
To find the better part of me?

I’m so confused,
I’m shaking.
I can’t deal with all of this on my own,
I need a rescue.

Can’t you see?
I’m drowning!
I need your help…
I don’t think,
I can do this on my own.

I don’t know what I am.
I’ve lost sight of who I was.
I don’t think I know,
What it is that I should be.

I’m so confused!
I’m angry!
I can’t deal with all of this on my own,
I need some rescue.

I think I need some time.
Don’t take it personally.
You’ve helped me more than anyone,
I wish that you could see.

I have to think,
About the better part of me.
And as I thought harder,
I had a sense of clarity.

And as I dealt with all this frustrating pain,
I saw my beautiful rescue!

I couldn’t believe,
I saw what I hadn’t seen,
You were and are
All that I need.

You are my beautiful rescue.
You are my beautiful rescue.
You are,
The better part of me.

My beautiful rescue.

The author's comments:
My Inspirations for this song are: Mayday Parade, Five for Fighting, The Summer Set and Anabor.

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