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Not All Angels Have Wings

October 29, 2013
By AnnieKate GOLD, Centerville, Utah
AnnieKate GOLD, Centerville, Utah
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My mama always said the best in life were never things, every bird can sing, and
Not all angels have wings.
I didn’t believe my mama until I got a little older.
The world got a little colder
As the sweet light from a young child’s eyes
Started fading into the darkness of night.

The castles I ruled in were now just sand,
My father was no longer king, just a dying man.
The monsters that were hidden under my bed,
They slowly started making their way inside my head.
Fairytales no longer had happy endings,
The day I found out there’s no use in pretending.
Life is just life, no need for rainbows and glitter,
But days with no decoration sure make a girl bitter.

As I walked down the street, dreading tomorrow,
I heard my mamma’s voice, the silver lining to my sorrows,
She whispered, “No matter what life brings,
You remember the best in life were never things.”
I saw my mama’s bright smile,
And I sat down to think for a while.

How could she possibly be so happy?
Her best years were spent raising me.
I’m no one special; I’ve screwed up countless times,
So why does my mamma proudly say, “She’s mine.”

After some thought,
I learned the lesson she had taught.
Finally I understood all my mamma’s words,
I was so glad, I felt like singing with the birds.
My mama gave up her time so I could be.
Be what? A lonely girl losing her dreams?
My mama deserves so much more than this,
And sometimes those bedtime stories I miss.

I miss dreams that didn’t stop at daybreak.
I want those fantasies to last while I’m awake.
I decided to pick up my old book and start reading,
Maybe fairytales aren’t so misleading.
A masterpiece in my mind started to weave,
The day I remembered to believe.
My mama always spoke about angels without flight,
And she’ll never know that she is one tonight.

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