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You Lied

January 23, 2012
By MikaMirage GOLD, Park Ridge, Illinois
MikaMirage GOLD, Park Ridge, Illinois
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"Insecurity will always rent the space it occupies, but confidence will own the building, and any other room it steps in."

(stanzas are in 'A B A B C A B' form)



I still think of you, every once in awhile


I miss you telling me that you loved my smile


You meant everything to me


And honestly I just can't see


How you don't care about me, 'cause your love is gone

I thought you'd miss me too, but I was wrong

And now I'm trying hard, hard to forget,

But this isn't working out for me yet

'Cause now my life's a mess, I don't know up from down

When I was with you everything was bound


D Am Em G...
You said "forever"... but you lied.

Now I've got another guy, and you another girl.
We've gone our separate ways, living in separate worlds
Even our best friend said that this isn't right,
That she believes that someday we might

Find each other and be together again
End up how it should have always been
At the time we just weren't strong enough
To get through the patch that had seemed so rough
'Cause it hadn't always been like this
There was something in every touch, every kiss,
That was better
When you said "forever"... but you lied.


So now I'm laying in my room, all alone,
Musing how things would be if I would have known
That you could fall for the trap of another heart
And tear everything that we had apart

Maybe someday, our paths will finally cross
And we'll both appreciate everything we'd lost
And we will have the strength to hold on
So that this time it won't go wrong

And you'll tell me that though you said you were done,
Though you said that I shut out all of your fun,
That I didn't ever seem to understand you
Quite the way that you wanted me to
Though you said you felt nothing when we kissed
Though you told your friends that you would never miss
Us together,
Or when we said "forever"... you had lied.

The author's comments:
I wrote this song after the break up of my first serious relationship a couple years ago and just found it in my journal, so I decided I'd post it. The chords are pretty simplistic, and otherwise, I hope I made it easier to follow.

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