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how is it

June 28, 2010
By bluerose13 PLATINUM, Oceanside, California
bluerose13 PLATINUM, Oceanside, California
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(verse 1)
you think it's fun to play around
even though we were bound
together forever

so you thought I didn't know
that you were acting so strange
how can I not notice
that you had gone insane

(chorus) how is it fun to play with love?
how is it fun to play with my heart?
how is it that you always lied
from the start?
how is it now that I am gone?
how is it now that you are wrong?
so many things to say...
but i didn't want to stay

(verse 2)
so you said it was ok
that it was alright
but you kept me on a chain so tight

by then I knew I couldn't trust you
and nothing that you do
could ever make me change my mind


(verse 3)
I hope you get what you deserve
I hope you get what I'm saying

'cause all the things
that you did will get you nowhere
but what i learned
I'll use for my life
my life

no no no no no
I will not stay

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