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Walking on sunshine

June 21, 2010
By midnightrose31 GOLD, Nevis, Minnesota
midnightrose31 GOLD, Nevis, Minnesota
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just slow down dont dance so fast time is short the music wont last

Verse 1

It was just one look, just something to pass the time.

we weren't lookin for love, but thats all we seem to find.

If i could call your name and scream it to the sky, then i will fly.

it was just one little sparrow flying in the sky trying to fly free.

if i could have one wish and make it mine. i would wish to fly. But now i know why.

cause we're walking on sunshine.
Verse 2

We're flyin' now through the troubles of life. watch my eyes love cause we not gonna fall.

swirl and twirl and never stop the beat cause we're gonna go and free all the people from all.

just say the word love never underestimate the power of our lovecause everytime you leave im gonna call,
(Repeat Chorus)
Verse 3

You try to leave but always conme back you try to run but the circle you make is continous.

you make your bed but refuse to sleep in it. Why? Why are you always trying to tear us apart?

Are you afraid? Are you listening to me? Are you willing to help me understand what you and what you need?
(Repeat Chorus 2x)

The author's comments:
It was just something that always pops into my head.

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