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twenty-first century

July 2, 2019
By opal06 BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
opal06 BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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twenty-first century



apparently women


are incapable of getting out of a car 


or rolling a suitcase


without a mans help


yeah right





welcome to the twenty-first century


where women are powerful and capable


of anything


just because your stuck in the 1920s 


doesn’t mean that i am


i don’t need your help to get out of a car


welcome to to twenty-first century (the twenty-first century)



i don’t need a hero


i can do that for myself


im not helpless,


now of days


your not going to find a damsel in distress









im not not helpless




welcome to the twenty-first century

The author's comments:

I recently went on a trip to Europe and people were acting like my mom, my sisters, and I couldn't do anything for ourselves, which made me super mad. People did try to help us get out of cars and roll our suitcases even though my dad was wearing a boot because he partially tore his achilles people still acted like we couldnt do anything and tried to help us instead of him.

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