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nothing matters

July 2, 2012
By madline-footprints PLATINUM, Ennis, Texas
madline-footprints PLATINUM, Ennis, Texas
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I hid my emotions. now, they're gone for good.

empty inside, i don't feel how i should.

i no longer care, i know I'm suppose to worry,

but days go by, my memory blurry.

i have a drink, then take a drag.

no caution, no red flag.

date a guy, cheap with a girl.

life going by, caught in a whirl.

no one to save me, I've lost all my love.

gave up long ago, on help from above.

money means nothing, i watch it flow.

a worthless life, sinking down low.

i re along just like you.

I'm a hell sent heart-breaker too.

once i cared, i hated tears.

long ago,probably years.

nothing matters, carved in my arm.

blood pools down, no feel of alarm.

i almost had peace, i could almost feel bliss.

waking up, cold with deaths kiss.member you, when you were like me.

it would have been smart to let you be.

but i gave you my soul, and you took my heart.

it was much longer until we fell apart.

now I'm hollow, dead and cold.

not human just a mold.

now i go

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