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A Home is not a House

April 4, 2018
By OneSeven-billionth PLATINUM, Westerville, Ohio
OneSeven-billionth PLATINUM, Westerville, Ohio
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This broken family
Doesn't look broken
To others who think they know broken
But I see broken
In the wholeness of my family
There's plenty of money
And gifts at Christmas
There's plenty of food in the fridge
Both parents are still around
Kids come over to play
The children are talented and smart
Some have many friends
But one is lonely
She sees the broken in the wholeness
The Christmas gifts
Keep the kids occupied
The boys play their videogames together in their room
The girl keeps her record player in fair condition
In hopes of someone to dance with
The food stays in the fridge and gets thrown away when it gets moldy
Because nobody bothers to make meals anymore
Cereal and granola bars are plenty for the others
The parents are still around, yes
But they're watching movies in their bedrooms and taking the boys to hockey
The kids who come over to play are all boys
And keep the father and the sons occupied
Pushing the girl up to her room in search of a quiet place
Because that's what they do in that family
They hide behind walls and closed doors
The kids are talented and smart
The older two at least
Because what else is there to do when you're hiding in your room
As the younger kids play with their many friends
But the girl doesn't have many friends
People make her uncomfortable
Because she's not used to attention
Or giving others attention
She's used to being alone
In this broken house
Where quiet is the most violent thing
The record player sits behind her closed door
In hopes that someone will break through the void and dance with her

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