November 25, 2017
By nmaggie SILVER, Tampa, Florida
nmaggie SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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Primo versu

He acts normal, hanging out with his friends
Laughing and talking, but everything is as fake as his smile
Eating like usual, but the food that goes down comes back up every night
Bitter thoughts begin to dig deep
He’s built a glass case around himself, but cracks start to form
Friends, teachers, parents
No one realizes how he feels
The pressure is too much
Perfect grades, perfect personality
Great at sports, unrealistically handsome
Nowhere in this world to go but down
And finally, he’s hit the bottom
So what can he do now?
He’s wasting away and no one seems to notice

She sits in front of the mirror, staring at herself
Glaring at what she sees
Comparing herself to magazines, celebrities, anyone she deems to be better than her
Which, in her mind, is everyone
Why can’t I be as good as them?
That is the sole thought that runs through her head
Friends, teachers, parents
No one realizes the tomb she built for herself
Scars appear, one by one
Everyday, more are added to her collection
Across her arms, stomach, legs, and thighs
No place is left untouched
Hating herself, hating the world
Her mind and soul, no longer pure
She’s wasting away and no one seems to notice

Duae Vers

I saw the light leave their eyes
and the hopelessness that raged
I saw emptiness, desolation, and everything else that couldn’t be shared through words
but evinced by their actions
I saw joy, pride, euphoria, and exhilaration erupt and then conquered
gone and lost again, here one moment but absent the next
I saw anger, hurt, passion that was ablaze with the might of a thousand suns
but it burned too quickly and all that remained was a void
that could not
would not be filled
Yet no matter how horrible, no matter what tragedy occurred
I saw it brought back
The bliss would be returned
with a force greater than what had been there before
The vacuity once there
would disappear
Maybe not forever, and maybe not completely
But with endurance, with a power that only they contained
Hurt was replaced, happiness was regained
I saw the light leave their eyes
But I also saw it restored

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