Judging a Book by Its Cover

May 2, 2017
By 22mstaup PLATINUM, Bryan, Ohio
22mstaup PLATINUM, Bryan, Ohio
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There are days
When I wake up
Feeling as if the entire world is going to collapse in on itself
When I get to school
I run through my routine
Head down
So no one judges
It’s as if the entire world
Ignores the saying
That you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover
Like they care
Like they would even put second thought
To that saying
It’s just a saying after all
But does judging a book by its cover really mean anything?
To me
It means that there are so many
Things inside of the book that matter.
Who cares about the illustration.
That just depicts part of the story
It is a symbol
Sometimes it is nothing like what the book is like on the inside
Sometimes the book couldn’t be more different than its cover.
That relates to people
So many people judge others’ appearances
Sometimes that person might have had a bad day
They might be struggling
So instead of judging a person by what they look like
Go learn the true them
Go learn about them
Listen to them 
Talk to them
Laugh with them
Cry with them
Do anything and everything with them
I don’t care what you do
But how do you expect to make a difference in the world
If you aren’t willing to take the first step
And show someone
That someone cares about them
Because so many people
Never know what it feels like
To have someone care about them
If they go their entire life like that
Then they might start thinking that they are worthless
But that’s not true
We all have a purpose
Some people just need someone to help them find their purpose

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