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Life, life, life.

August 31, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever felt used?
Have you ever felt cheated?
Have you ever been let down?

Life is a whirlwind of confusion,
No one really understands any of it.
Life is there for you to believe that your going to be okay,
When really...
No one is ever okay.

The person who keeps getting hurt,
decides to stop trusting.
They become lonely, sad, and in utter and complete solitude.

The person who has never been hurt before,
is only like that because they never took a chance.
When they finally take a chance, they get hurt.
And therefore, they decide to stop trusting.

It is just a cycle of despair,
and all you can do is wait and wait and wait until its over.
But its never over, until your life is over.

So you might as well try to enjoy the despair.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in about 5 minutes, its sort of like venting for me. The thing is, I am actually pretty happy with my life right now =)
Things never really make sense..

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