First Time Moments

February 28, 2017

Have you ever felt that exhilararing

rush when you've done something

for the very first time?

Like kissing your first

crush, or first boyfriend

or girlfriend.

Doing something you aren't suppose 

to be doing, like skipping class,

climbing a tree, telling someone off,

stealing something, smoking your

first cigarette, experiencing your

first high, or maybe taking your

first sip of alcohol. 

Whatever it may be it makes you feel alive

doesn't it?

It makes you feel like you belong

in this s***ty, yet amazing world.

It makes you feel so damn fearless that

you think you can do whatever you want, eventually

there does come a time where consequences are

mandatory like if you stole a car, but in that moment

you don't care, all you want to feel is that rush,

you know that high off life feeling.

That feeling when you don't care about 

getting in trouble, or don't even think twice about

the consequences.

Now tell me, when's the last time you've done something 

for the first time?

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Tylana said...
Mar. 3 at 10:16 am
Beautiful poem.
Angelina_Best_Writer replied...
Mar. 4 at 11:28 am
Thank you! I worked hard on it.
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