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January 17, 2017
By Lovely.Land.Mermaid GOLD, Fort Wayne , Indiana
Lovely.Land.Mermaid GOLD, Fort Wayne , Indiana
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I have a tendency.
A tendency not many think of
they think of it all the time.
A tendency that,
will never die.
Even if it evokes that pain in me
in the blink of an eye.
This tendency festers,
like an infection 

stopping my heart.
This tendency,
makes me feel everything
and nothing
at the exact same time.
This tendency is making me crazy
what if crazy wasn’t so bad?
My tendency
makes me hate myself
and love everything about me
for the exact same reason. 

This tendency
can ruin my day.
this tendency,
sits like a sack on my back
that I never want to lose.
despite the straps digging into my sides,
this tendency
is why I cherish being alive.
this tendency,
I speak so poorly of
that I don’t want to leave me be
this tendency
is that I tend to love
so hopelessly
it’s the scariest part of me.

The author's comments:

There's a lot of love in my heart, and this helps a little of it escape before I explode. 

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