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Weak Little Words

December 17, 2016
By beyondthesky PLATINUM, Santa Monica, California
beyondthesky PLATINUM, Santa Monica, California
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It's nicer to think dear, pretty thoughts and keep them in one's heart, like treasures. I don't like to have them laughed at or wondered over.
-L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables)

you’re yelling again

like a troubled child
I embrace myself
grasping shoulder blade handles
securing an
elbow forearm shield
an X across my spastic heart
to block out your harsh expressions of

you hate me, don’t you!
(Do I?)
distressed skin
crinkles around wide eyes
devouring your wild ones

I’m screaming NO

murdering the stupid phrase
I’ve become a haphazard skulptor
carving into your delicate heart
I forget my power
and you crumple
(I’m sorry.)
as I hate you
for loving me
as though I’m slipping away

(I’m not.)

(I’m just tired of empty yelling and iloveyous.)

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