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October 10, 2016
By erica00 BRONZE, Ocoee, Florida
erica00 BRONZE, Ocoee, Florida
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they had warmth from the fireplace 

she has chills from the wintersnow 

they laughed at all his silly mistakes 

she cied as the ravens crowed 

they chattered as they ate up a table full of food 

she crouched silently as she ate last nights leftovers 

they all hushed and shushed for silence 

she stood 

they began telling tales and stories and sang carols 

she closed her eyes and her hands and prayed

they told their worries 

as she looked at the sky turn black 

they went to unwrap their nice gifts 

she began to sing a lullaby to fall asleep 

they didnt get what they wanted so they threw it out 

she feels her body shaking uncontroabally 

but they had the warmth from a fireplae 

and i stood frozen from the winter 


The author's comments:

for those who doesnt have a home 

by the way its just a story dont take it too seriously 

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