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Take a look at life through my eyes...yet see yours through your eyes

September 11, 2016
By adventuregirl331 PLATINUM, Los Angeles, California
adventuregirl331 PLATINUM, Los Angeles, California
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If you want something in life...reach out and grab it.

Take a look at the sky.
(Now a days we only look at the screens)
Where we all wished we could fly.
(Some of us no longer have an imagination but want to grow up so fast)
The same all over the world
(Day here, night there)
A mystery which leads us to adventure and spot its beauty,
(Money is a problem)
With it being bright in the day and glamming in the night
(What about those cloudy days?
Us happy during the day and once lights of we let tears run.
(We all wear masks and have a role in this movie called "Life")
The moon which it’s light only guides us at dark
(The moon is chilling during the day)
A burning sun who brings us joy and makes us vexed due to high temperatures
(Where are the fans at?)
Life which rains on us making us question our existence,
(Why can’t the rainbow be out every day?)
But empowers us and makes us get the final laugh.
(Does it really or does it always get the final laugh?
A life full of color yet we don’t enjoy what we have until we lose it.
(Well then… what if we never lost it but lost us?)
But what if we never got that joy we wanted?
(You sure? what about all those times you smiled and laughed?)
Well then, don’t worry and be careful for what you ask for.
(Everything good mostly hides its bad side)
Because life doesn’t let you enjoy forever,
(True but it will if you don’t give up)
But takes it away from you when you most need it.
(This is life a pain in the cul)
At the end of the day you should be happy and thankful for life.
(Always look at the bright side even if you’re in the dark now)
For the life you were given, even if it’s not perfect.
(We are all different and I may not understand but only you who knows what is like to live life)

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