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When I am Gone

May 19, 2016
By hurryth3ninjasarecoming GOLD, London, Kentucky
hurryth3ninjasarecoming GOLD, London, Kentucky
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I do not love you as I did yesterday

When I am gone, don't remember me as my problems, but as my success.

Don't remember the girl who was abused, used, unstable, strange, and rude.

Don't remember how her weight dropped and gained. 

Don't remember me as victims of people. 

Remember me as I am now, today. 

Remember me as a feminist, survivor, better person, smart, award winning martial artist, and most importantly, as a person anyone could approach.

Remember me, not by my medical problems. Not as the girl who walked funny. Not as the girl who couldn't stop hacking till her lungs gave her fluid. Not as the girl on an inhaler.

Remember me as someone who dreamed. Someone who lived in the moment. 

Who taught the little ones in class. The one, who had little kids running and hugging her waist. 

Remember me as my achievements, not failures.

Do not remember me as the girl who lost arguments with her father because her father overpowered. 

Remember me as the girl who had small victories, like making it through the day without feeling down, or without crying or without acting on impulse. 

Don't remember the girl who cried when her parents divorced, because she had no idea daddy hitting her and mommy was bad. 

Remember me, but do not cry, for I will be in a better place forevermore.

The author's comments:

This is to all of those who have ever been judged, hurt, used, abused, and so much more. This is for all of those who need a reminder that they are not they're problems. For those who want to hide, but don't, they keep going, and those who are not with us. Thank you.

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