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Alternate Worlds

April 14, 2016
By crazypandagirl BRONZE, Jeffersonton, Virginia
crazypandagirl BRONZE, Jeffersonton, Virginia
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In one life a child runs through fields of flowers and grass,
Blind to the darkness lingering in the shadows of the noon sun,
Laughing as the mother chases with glee,
Rolling down hills with endless smiles and cheer to spare,
Endless sunlight to last eternity and feed the child’s dreams.

In another life the child walks through lands of death and dust,
Blind to the light hidden by the endless gray clouds above,
Silent and alone as the ones buried so far down beneath the barren dust,
Gliding past in silence and bitterness enough to choke those gone,
Endless darkness for eternity for the land of the child’s nightmares.

The author's comments:

This was thought of when I was thinking of how there could be another world, a mirror to this one, where everything around us is completely the opposite of what we live in.

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