I See the Dandelion Blooming This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

March 21, 2016

Dullness starts to settle in,
and I think the whole world
is gray and black
as I feel life leaving me -
and I think how ironic
that I feel like that life
is leaving me,
just as spring comes
and is here.


I am sitting here,
waiting for something
that I don't even know,
and I am wasting away;
wanting to wait
for the daisies to bloom,
but the heartache
is still there -
I still miss you.


I wait for the daisies
to bloom,
but they don't come.
It isn't the time for them -
and I wonder,
was I actually waiting for you,
all along?
And was I waiting to see
if you still wanted to be with me?


The buildings rise up
in the air,
I see that through the window,
but I am still down
on the ground.
I think the world
is gray and black,
the skies being white;
but then I see the color yellow.


I see dandelions blooming,
and they are in her hair.
The dandelions
are already blooming,
and they are here.
Gray and white and black
are not the only colors
in my world
and that I see.

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TheComet said...
May 30, 2016 at 10:01 am
Of course it makes sense! It makes sense to me in a strange way ^___^ I do know recognize myself through the words you wrote, I'm missing someone right now and I just can't seem to understand how I'm feeling o___O lol Anyways, your poem is simply beautifully innocent and truthful. It carries a deep meaning, pictures your emotions in a stunning detailed way and to be honest, it encourages me to say "I miss you" out loud for this is surely not a shame at all
EmilytheBelleofA. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Jun. 7, 2016 at 12:09 pm
In a strange way. I'm glad that it makes sense to you in a strange way, @TheComet . And I'm glad it encourages you to say to say I miss you out loud because you are right, it is not a shame at all. So I am very glad that it encourages to say those words. ^_^ It also means a lot to me, you saying that my poem is beautifully innocent and truthful, carrying deep meaning, picturing my emotions - I often don't know what to think about, I still don't know, honestly, haha - but TheComet, you saying tho... (more »)
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