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I don't know where to begin

February 8, 2016
By hailey121 GOLD, Van Alstyne, Texas
hailey121 GOLD, Van Alstyne, Texas
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I don’t know where to start… I broke the lock that was on my heart… I opened up into the dark… I spilled from my soul my hopes and wishes… I let him know my sorrows and misses…  and yet from that outpouring no relief did I receive… as he remains closed off from me… He is not willing to trust and afraid to be hurt… I put in more than its worth… So if the time comes and it ends… I will be hurt and he will remain okay… I fight to prove and make this work… but in the end it doesn’t matter what effort I provide… especially since its only one sided… I beg for him to open up to me… to speak to me when I am upset or angry… instead all I get is silence in its place… and I am reduced to having to deal with it alone… after fights or miscommunications I say my speech… and then am greeted by silence or sleep… he does not trust me… and it hurts my heart… I need someone I can rely on… I don’t think he knows how much I care… and to make a relationship work it cant be just me supporting it… he cant keep doubting it… just because things around him have fallen and broken… why can’t he see I am struggling to show that not all things end that way… but its hard to do that when you can’t be met half way… I am breaking piece by piece and he cant see it… in the end it wont effect him because he has barly invested… I am waiting for the day where he opens up to me… and make my investment worth something… for now it just sits in his hand… he holds my heart and I hold the air…

The author's comments:

relationships are a struggle when you have a broken person involved...

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