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A Warning to the Sailor

January 29, 2016
By NightBulb SILVER, Sudbury, Ontario
NightBulb SILVER, Sudbury, Ontario
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On its way to a trading port across the sea,
The ship nears the coast of an island surrounded by high cliffs,
From which mellifluous voices sent by monstrous beauties
Fall and dance around the vessel, acting as bait
For the crew of sailors. The sirens lie in wait for their meal
To arrive at their feet, and they sing with voices finer than silk.
The boat sails towards the rocks in an unstoppable motion,
Its crew entranced, and the men, bleary-eyed and blank-faced,
Jump into the waves to seal their doom, while the ship collides
With the jagged cliffs. The sails catch onto branches
That stick out of the ledges and the mast snaps in half.
Wood and iron burst into the foggy air, the men gasp desperately
As they flail and drown, and the remains of the great vessel
Sink into the dark depths of the water. The birds then awaken,
Shocked by screams of terror and demonic amusement,
Dashing out of their nests like bullets in the dawn.

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