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November 23, 2015
By Gabyhayes PLATINUM, Marysville, California
Gabyhayes PLATINUM, Marysville, California
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Flashes of color pass my eyes.
A bright red luggage,
A moss green corduroy cap,
A luminescent blue sign,
A child in shimmering purple reaching for her mother’s hand clothed in black.
These surroundings flutter though my mind.

One after another, questions flood my flow of thought.
Isn’t this too expensive?
Shouldn’t I just stay put at the college?
How will they react when I come home?
What if the plane crashes or is delayed?
My flight number was called over the muffled speaker.

But then, I remembered.
No it isn’t too expensive, this is priceless.
I should be with my family.
They will be surprised and so happy to see me.
I will keep fighting to be with them, even if it comes down to the last minute.
I will be with my family on thanksgiving.

My mind begins to settle and focus.
The bright red luggage strolls away,
The moss green corduroy cap disappears among the crowd,
The luminescent blue sign is now flashing repeatedly,
And the child in shimmering purple, satisfied to be holding her mother’s black clothed hand,
starts to hum a song.

This little childish song stays with me,
As I am lifted and shuttled off across the country.
2,000 more miles,
and I will be home.
Smiling and crying with my brothers and sisters,
And holding my mother’s hand.

The author's comments:

I wrote this last night as I was flying in from Pennsylvania to California to surprise my family just in time for thanksgiving. Just to let you know how it went, there were lots of smiles and tears and they were over joyed to see me again!

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