What Religion Does

October 12, 2015
By toni.creations SILVER, Bronx, NY, New York
toni.creations SILVER, Bronx, NY, New York
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The common interest of
safety and protection from
the wickedness that the
world's passion and merciless
creativity had to offer
had been divided into several
groups, different ways of justly
obtaining these illusions of being
content without fully striving
towards success or without
owning worldly ambitions; because
the world, in their definition, is nothing
but a pit stop to a more exquisite living
filled with gaseous golds and ghostly
my children,
I desperately urge for you to build onto the
divinity that burns within your humanity;
Realize that in order for your emptiness to fill you must allow oxygen in rather than Blood*
and when you take in Blood, make sure that the Lamb* isn't slaughtering itself you
must take in every ounce of courage
and kill your own energy in the sole purpose of regaining it
You must pray for the courage to climb the mountain, not for the mountain to fall down to your feet
and please
please don't let organized religion let organized regulations consume your own
personal beliefs,
because they matter

you must think for yourself,
work for yourself,
better yourself,
and grow with Him,
rather than grow according to their IDEA of Him

The author's comments:

I am not against religion, however I strongly advice against using religion as an excuse to not living towards full potential.

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