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Don't Call On Me

April 9, 2015
By casey_lg PLATINUM, Clemmons, North Carolina
casey_lg PLATINUM, Clemmons, North Carolina
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"history, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again." -Maya Angelou

I was called on in class

and my brain turned to glass

I knew the answer, just not how to speak,

My heart started racing, and then I felt weak

They were waiting on me,

that I could see.

Each pair of eyes felt like lasers

and then they could see through my brain.

They thought I was stupid, and all I could feel was pain.

I stuttered but could form no intelligible phrases

I felt like dying, then I was scared, it all came in phases:

first humiliation, then sadness, then terror and repeat,

my anxiety took over, I lost in a feat.

Everything echoed, including what the teacher said,

I just nodded and looked down, embarrassment flowing down my cheeks

my pulse was throught the roof, I was sweating, I was weak.

Time had flown by, but felt so slow, and then the bell rung,

the embarrassment had gotten into the cuts in my lips and it stung.

I heard, "You can stay here until you are okay."

But I knew if I did not move, I would be there all day

so I got up and said sorry,

then walked to the next class.

I was in shock, I was scared, my brain still was glass.

I was humiliated, and that is understated.

So I read and I read in an attempt to be rehabilitated.

I worried and worried for forever and a day

for a while I was worrying my life away.

I was swimming in emotion once again:

first humiliation, then sadness, then terror and repeat,

my anxiety took over and I lost in a feat.

The author's comments:

I thought it was too long of a narrative poem, so I did it under nonfiction. Yes, this actually happened. Spanish class.

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on Apr. 17 2015 at 9:36 pm
EvalynnHeather GOLD, Clemmons, North Carolina
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Love it! Keep posting :)