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Immature Escapism

February 19, 2015
By Carpe-Caffeam GOLD, No Where, Florida
Carpe-Caffeam GOLD, No Where, Florida
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“If it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.” –David Letterman

Barricades of eyelids

Shut, shutters vainly

Masking that intruder of a

Thought drifting away,

Spirited on a storm cloud--

Rain twinkling on eyelashes--

Eyes closed to the truth;

Honesty a door unopened,

Nonexistent to the heart.


Reality is an invisible, unwanted entity

Lurking, you thief of dreams,

I dreamt of you,

Dear Nightmare.

I choke

On your intent to kill

That little part of me:

Tiny-petaled, blossoming hope

That maybe,

Just maybe,

I'll find my Fountain of Youth.


For my mind has yet to be set on the horizon of my future.

The author's comments:

Inspiration for this poem comes from Photosynthesis by Frank Turner. Song credits go to Woodstock.

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