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December 8, 2014
By tickledpink SILVER, Taytay, Rizal, Other
tickledpink SILVER, Taytay, Rizal, Other
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I wish I can control time and go back to all those times we spent together;


to that night at the beach, at the conference area, at the bus going home, at that bar in that party, at your friend's place in his mom's room, at that french restaurant, at your friend's car to the airport, at the bar with the londoneers, at the men's bathroom of that same bar where I passed out and broke some plates, at that Chinese place where we watched a weird version of The Hunger Games, at that comedy bar that used jokes in a language you don't even know, at that ice bar where you made sure I was warm while you entered without any winter clothes, at your place, in your driver's car, at that spot outside your building, and everywhere else we've been to.


And pause, pause, pause and just pause

at all those moments when we unconsciously stare at each other

and smile for no other reason

but being happy that we're together.


I wish I can just play all those scenes again and again

and see what I did wrong

that stopped us from making any of those magical memories

ever again.

The author's comments:

Just let the words slip from my heart to the keyboard.

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