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Why the Lies?

October 21, 2014
By Artemis.Roe PLATINUM, Marysville, Michigan
Artemis.Roe PLATINUM, Marysville, Michigan
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"Well-behaved women seldom make history" ---Eleanor Roosevelt
"A man of words and not deeds is like a garden full of weeds." ~~Anonymous

Sister dear?
Why do you cry?
Why do you say those lies?
I trusted you,
I believed in you,
and now I see your eyes,
All you do is,
You cry
and say he hit you,
then you say he didn't,
the you say he did.
What am I supposed to believe,
when all I see is lies,
Lies colored of all the skies…
All I wanted,
was the Black and white truth,
now you’re crying,
saying sorry,
trying to unravel it all,
unravel the web of lies,
But why must I count the petals?
When I know,
they are all lies?
This game you play threatens me,
but I won't let it hurt me,
So I will tell you this,
if you lie to me again,
I will go away,
and return,
not again.

The author's comments:

Me and my friend had a huge fight recently, but she's like a sister, so i told her if she lied again this sisterhood was over, she lied again today a small one, but a lie none the less, but im not going to let her go yet, lets just hope she can turn herself around. this is about the lies?

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