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You Are Like Permanent Hair Dye

October 4, 2014
By angelalucia GOLD, Milford, Massachusetts
angelalucia GOLD, Milford, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"I am this fiery snail crawling home"- Bukowski

He says he will only make love to me to Foghat
and listen to You Blew It! when we’re done
I’m not really sure if that’s a metaphor or not but all I know is that I don’t feel like soaking
my body in bleach after being with you
so this could end up working out

I always picture talking to your parents
they’ll smile widely and try to pretend they aren’t repulsed by my purple hair
‘I just don’t get it
since when do you like girls like her’
is something your mom would say
I know mainly because it’s something my mom would say
and when they ask how I like college I will answer with
college is a lot of waking up too late thinking my whole life in shambles
a lot of sitting on trains next to random people that I’d probably be really good friends with in any other circumstance than that one and
every time I go home for the weekend
I make sure to leave my bed unmade
so the next time I go back I can pick up right where I left off

when they ask if I’ve made friends okay I will say funny you should ask that because I realized I spend a lot of time watching my friend Sabrina put her hands on boys thighs
and push her hair all around but in private
I know she misses her dad
she says she always ends up in the background of photos and walking home
”why do you dress like you always want to go sit in a library and read your life away’
‘this boy told me he wants to hookup with you Angela and he’s so cute you should do it
I’ll hold your drink’
but how can I kiss someone that doesn’t
make me want to pull my hair out because they disagree with me until we are both breathless and how could I ever want someone that doesn’t look at me like I’m the most beautiful thing that he’s ever seen
and how could I sleep in someone’s bed that isn’t yours because laying with you
your heart was yelling at me that you haven’t felt this way in a while

and I know that they are repulsed by my purple hair
but you’re the only boy I’ve ever fallen completely asleep with
and before I leave I’ll tell your parents that the universe is really good at destroying me
but you are really good
at gluing me back together

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