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Melting Soul

May 5, 2014
By kiewanna sajna GOLD, San Diego, California
kiewanna sajna GOLD, San Diego, California
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Don't make it seem so easy to get over me
After this whole time you decide to find someone new
You act so happy with her, like I never existed
So you sit there bragging about it without any clue

No clue that it burns the inner part of my heart
To hear you call her names like boo or babe
So I'll just sit back & play the role that I'm happy for you
As you go on my smile begins to fade

Fade into the darkness and depression
I can't even cry for my mind is stuck on a thought
How much you said you'd loved me
But I guess that's something you forgot

But I stay quiet with my emotions 
And starting to be able to breathe
Cause even though your with her
I know you'll always be thinking of me 

The author's comments:
I will always love this person even though we are not together

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