This Is Just to Say

that time is crippling, revitalizing, paradoxical,
oxymoronic, impossible, completely, utterly non-TRALFAMADORIAN.
If I could view time with an even mind, like a mountain range,
instead of a single mountain at a time, left to right,

If I could wrap my somewhat spherical head around an ethereal concept,
If I could sprint and catch up with, even talk to inevitability--
What would we talk about?

If I could only express the passage of time!:
impassive, indifferent, unbiased, all-consuming?
If I could do it in a single emotion?
If I could abandon the useless proxy of LANGUAGE?
Well, in a roundabout way, this is just to say
that time is everything and nothing, with and without substance,
illusion with physicality, something I will never touch.

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