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abused, bruised, pursued

March 30, 2014
By queenrenae SILVER, Brookfield, Connecticut
queenrenae SILVER, Brookfield, Connecticut
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he steps closer to me
my back is already against the wall;
i have nowhere to run to
briefly, my mind registers a damp squishiness:
it seems that my left foot is in a puddle,
but i am too afraid to move it
or anything else

please, i whisper
i know it wont mean anything
he doesnt care anymore...
perhaps he does,
but he certainly doesnt care about me right now

my heart beats faster and faster
my mind, ever so rational, realizes:
i should be drawing in more and more oxygen...
so why can i barely breathe?

he reaches out
i flinch, but all the same, his rough palm grabs my wrist
he once said i was delicate
i suppose he meant breakable;
in this moment, i most definitely am

stop, i try,
directed to him but also to the tear slowly rolling down my cheek
he once told me that emotion was weakness
i am all too aware that he could do anything he wanted to me
in this moment, i want him to see how much he has hurt me
but i want to be strong too
in my mind, no boy is worth the heartbreak

stay, he says, please
with him, now, at this party?
or in this titanic of a relationship?
as i blink in surprise,
the uncharacteristic words starting to chip away at my walls,
my cheek feels different
and all of a sudden, i remember;
i can focus again:
his hand striking me,
the bouncer dragging him away,
sirens wailing as i try to explain

in this, i draw my strength
no more
im done being pushed around
i never deserved this and i never will

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