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March 30, 2014
By Karipop GOLD, Wilmington, North Carolina
Karipop GOLD, Wilmington, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"I have a dream."- MLK Jr.

Stars are golden, lightens the whole body, sitting close enough to touch

Warmth of orbs radiates through the cleanest air to be breathed

Many moons in many phases different shades of epheremeal blue never too little too much

All the love, one never got the chance to have, all she needs

But only when she closes her eyes and dares to dream

Dares to be strong instead of weak

Closing her eyes to the nightmare it seems

To wake up to reality where she finds the voice to speak

But even some nights things turn for the worst

And when her nightmares penetrate her paradise

You can never imagine the pain she feels, how much it hurts

Almost impossible to quietly bare behind faded eyes

Her flower wilting under Her Mother's care

Petals falling on an ever steady beat after each death

Any place is better, 'here' is most definitely better than there

Cold fingers wrap around her neck knock her loose a couple steps

She lays hand on unchecked heart

Wishing after many dreamless nights where she barely slept

She could feel once again a part

A part of heaven a part of someplace peaceful

But she knows never again will she feel the excitement and glory of what was

Because all truths can be deceitful

And ending is all real dreams do but a nightmare never does

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