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Quiet Room

March 17, 2014
By sleeping-beauty_gurl PLATINUM, Helena, Montana
sleeping-beauty_gurl PLATINUM, Helena, Montana
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As the excruciating silence surrounds me
Drowns me in the vast emptiness
Seclusion in this tiny room
Surrounded by four foam walls
That come closer with every breath I draw
I'm supposed to use this time to reflect
On how my life lead me to this room
That comes closer with every breath I draw
This suffocating feeling of loosing my sanity
Is an incredible sign of what
Four foam walls can do to you
I'm supposed to be searching for
My inner cure
The magical words to get me out
But it seems so dissolute, the world out there
Filled with lies about the truth
But in here where the walls
Come closer with every breath
It is so excruciatingly quiet
There are no lies
There is no truth
Only four foam walls

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