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Oh Death

March 13, 2014
By Sci-fi-Holly BRONZE, San Diego, California
Sci-fi-Holly BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Love Life, as Life tends to love you back. Hate Life, and it will hate your guts!
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Death, oh sweet sleep
Why are so many fascinated by you?
Why are there those who sought to bring others to you?
Do they not care who they make cry?
Do they not want others to enjoy life?
Everyone is the same in spirit,
So why think us different in looks?
Many do not see what they do,
They merely continue, thinking themselves honorable,
By whatever reason they follow.
Oh death, sweet sleep,
It is not your fault that so many kill.
And so many hurt, abuse, and cry.
Why do they hurt us so death?
When all we children want is peace.
Why must we see the horrors of violence
Done merely for selfish reason.
We try to tell them
To stop this madness,
To love, not hate
But they do not listen to our words.
They deem us immature, not knowing or undertsanding of the world.
They deem us underneath them,
When we, who can see their wrongs,
Are in all truth above them.
For we can see that
If everyone cared for another,
If nobody cried for another,
If everyone loved one another,
If nobody lied to another,
If everyone shared with another,
If they swallowed their meagre pride
Then we would see the glorious day,
That no one died.
Oh death, sweet sleep,
Will no one will learn this,
Until you come upon them?

The author's comments:
This is in honor of everything happening in the world. Specifically in Syria, an the Middle East.

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